Franklin Method ® Education applies imagery, motivation and student centered teaching to any exercise program.  This facilitates the true meaning of functional education.  Functional activities are not functional movement education unless the teacher is able to help the student have a feeling experience of correct anatomical function within any exercise. This includes Pilates.  Our staff teaches exercise with an emphasis on the function of the exercise using imagery applied to the bones, muscle and organ systems.  The Franklin Method will assist the student in understanding and feeling imagery that is the anatomical equivalent of the movement that is presented.  This is why we get better results and faster changes. The Franklin Method® is invaluable for all levels including rehabilitation and enhancement of athletic performance.

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What can you expect from a Franklin Method ® Educator?

  • Functional Movement Education
  • Focus on Health
  • Motivation
  • Positive Imagery and Cues

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  • Pat Guyton – Franklin Method ® Educator – Level III
  • Rende Brockwell – Franklin Method ® Educator – Level II

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I have worked with top Pilates teachers from all around the world. Pat’s way of teaching is dynamic, fun, sincere, inspirational and hugely intelligent. She truly understands and embodies the Pilates Method. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege of working with!

Susan Pepper
2nd Generation Pilates Master
CEO Swissbody Group
Director Swissbody Pilates Academy

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