Pat Sitting PrettyPat Guyton Pilates Goals:

  • Enjoyment of health and wellness at any age
  • Facilitation of functional movement patterns
  • Improvement of posture to look your best
  • Enhancement of athletic performance in your sport or exercise
  • Awareness of good form in exercise for maximum efficiency
  • Performance of diaphragmatic breathing for organ health
  • Maintenance of flexibility, mobility and strength for quality of life
  • Participation in active aging and longevity
  • Reduction injury risk and recovery
  • Creation of personal home exercise program to enhance daily practice
  • Motivation to live a long and productive life

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As a dancer, I heard there was a “peculiar” method of working with injury. It was called the Pilates method after the man who was the originator of this regimen, Joseph H. Pilates. Later, I learned that Pilates is an exercise system and philosophy of health for anyone, all ages, and all degrees of fitness.  In 1985, a health club in Boulder, Colorado hosted an evening lecture and demonstration featuring the Pilates method. I was one of the first teachers in Boulder and part owner of the first studio in Boulder.

I was trained as a professional modern dancer.  My work included teaching dance and developing choreography for gymnasts, dancers, bodybuilders, and ice skaters. Correct form and posture is an inherent requirement in training an artist or an athlete. To progress from an intermediate level of performance to an advanced level requires the mastery of the basic skills of movement.  The Pilates methodology and system of exercise is based on teaching these basic movement principles.  Many people have never experienced the benefit of coaching.  Clients enjoy the personal attention to precision through cueing.  They report that these principles apply to other activities.

I have also worked with injured clients of all ages and enjoy assisting recovery using Pilates as the system for rehabilitation. In 2011, I graduated from the Franklin Method® Level III Teacher Training. This has profoundly influenced my knowledge of functional movement.  Three dimensional anatomy and cueing from that perspective produces faster results and better client motivation.  Functional movement education within Pilates also allows for active aging by increasing efficiency and reduction of premature aging.  

My personal Pilates program has helped me recover from some health challenges and I have continued to practice and teach for over 30 years.  The years of experience have allowed me to observe the unique abilities of each client and to develop an exercise program that is specific for the individual.

At Pat Guyton Pilates, we enjoy teaching all levels including those who have never moved, those who are rehabilitating, those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and elite athletes.

Pat served as a board member for the Pilates Method Alliance for 7 years and served on the PMA exam commission in 2013.

Pat is a very intelligent and powerful Pilates teacher. Her movement is a testament to her Pilates knowledge. It has been my honor to know her and I am very lucky to participate and to host her workshops.

Junya Takeda, MD
Clinic for Sports Medicine & Nutrition
Fukuoka, Japan

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