Pilates Conservatory® includes a comprehensive teacher training program and continuing education. Pilates Conservatory © also provides mentorship programs that are tailored for the individual. Pilates Conservatory® includes an extensive syllabus of Mat, and all equipment.  The Pilates Conservatory® provides a Certificate of Comprehensive Study.  

Currently Pilates Conservatory® comprehensive teaching training is held in Tokyo, Japan at Pilates Alliance. Due to requests, Pilates Conservatory© will be expanding in the near future.  If you are interested in teacher training please contact Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc.


Why study with Pilates Conservatory®?

  • Master Movement Educator – PMA Certified Pilates Teacher™
  • Practical work on the equipment including all exercises on all equipment
  • Competitively priced
  • Preparation for PMA Exam
  • No hidden fees – testing and manual included in tuition
  • Unit 1: Fundamentals, Mat, Reformer
  • Unit 2: Cadillac, East Coast Spine Corrector, West Coast Spine Corrector
  • Unit 3: Wunda Chair, Ped-o-Pull
  • Unit 4: Guillotine, Stretch Out Strap®, Comprehensive Testing


Course Description and Hours
Lecture Workshops and Private sessions 160 hours
Self Study 10 hours per week – 4 months 160 hours
Observation 5 hours per week – 2 months  40 hours
Assisting 5 hours per week – 2 months 40 hours
Casework 30 hours – 2 clients 60 hours
Total 460 hours

Recommended Readings & Additional Education: