What is a Mentee?

A mentee has completed a comprehensive Pilates program in any lineage and has a certification of completion or has a work history in the field of 10 years or more.  A mentee has attended one or more workshops with Pat in the last 5 years or has had 10 privates or classes in any combination at the studio.

How are Mentees Selected?

“Students pick their teachers, not the other way around”. –  Pat Guyton.  Mentees are students who attend classes and/or workshops with Pat.  Both the teacher and the student understand the relationship.

What is a Mentorship?

From Pat’s perspective:  It’s a marriage between teacher and student based on mutual respect and trust.  Goals increase competence and skill of the next generation of movement educators.  There is a five year minimum of mentor/mentee work.

What are the Components of Mentorship?

First, a mentor will need to attend two workshops a year with Pat which you can host at your studio or attend at another studio.

Second, a mentor will need to attend two scheduled three-day mentor weekends per year to work with Pat and fellow mentees.  These can be at Pat Guyton Pilates in Boulder and for those in other countries.  If you study for five years, you will have covered all the material.

A mentee will need four hours of private times with Pat.  They will need to observe Pat teaching a client or another mentee.

What happens in a three day mentee weekend?

Mentees will review all comprehensive Pilates training as needed. She will cover Pedagogy.  Mentees will develop a respect and support system for each mentee that is inclusive of all lineages and all movement education.  Mentees can study ANYWHERE ELSE they desire to study as well!  Pat enjoys bringing in guest teachers of all lineages for mentees to experience.

Contact Info

Hours:  8am–5pm Mon–Fri or by appointment.
Phone: (303) 449-7284
Email: info@patguytonpilates.com
Address: 3825 Iris Avenue – Suite 300
Boulder, Colorado 80301