Pilates Conservatory® Workshops

Pilates Conservatory® Continuing Education and workshop content is designed for the following individuals:

  • Pilates Teachers with a certificate of comprehensive training for PMA CEC credits
  • Pilates Conservatory® graduates or those currently enrolled in Pilates Conservatory® Comprehensive Teacher Training
  • Students of any Pilates teacher training as part of observation and participation for credit if approved by the individual school
  • Students enrolled in another Pilates comprehensive teacher training that would like to transfer into Pilates Conservatory®
  • Pilates Enthusiasts who want deeper understanding for personal practice
  • Individuals who are considering any Pilates teacher training and would like to gain insight into the Pilates method to make an informed choice regarding selection of a school
  • Movement Professionals in related fields with prior approval*
  • Health Providers who would like to gain knowledge for personal or professional application with prior approval**

Participation requires that all participants are knowledgeable about the Pilates beginning and intermediate exercises through practice in a studio or training program unless an exception is granted through interview and prior approval. The purpose of the workshops is to address Pilates from a deeper understanding of functional anatomy, cuing, spotting, special populations and self-awareness.

*A Pilates Conservatory® Certificate of Attendance is granted to each student who completes a workshop or training. PMA CEC credit is provided where applicable. Other exercise CEC requirements may be applicable with prior approval from the said agency.

**Prior approval is required when an individual would like to expand the knowledge base of Pilates but has attended few or no Pilates classes or private sessions. Pilates is an exercise system that has a set choreography, sequence, and equipment settings with specific safety demands. These workshops are not intended to replace or provide a Pilates Teacher Training. The material may include exercises that are not safe for beginning students but are informative for observation and give a comprehensive view of the Pilates method. Under these circumstances, a student may be requested to observe the exercise or be given a modification for a specific exercise.

Workshops are structured with different hours due to content delivered. Certificates are provided for full attendance. Partial attendance is not encouraged and is subject to prior approval. Full course attendees will be given priority.

Price Structure for up to 10 full-time students:

Daily Rate Per Student:  $250.00 per day for each student

Discounted Price Structure for 11 or more full-time students:

Daily Discounted Rate Per Student:  $200.00 per day for each student

Class limits for numbers of attendees vary due to content.

8 Hour Day:

8:00 am – 12:00 pm


1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Information for workshops will be posted on the website. Contact the website for information and to enroll.

Pat Guyton Pilates Inc. reserves the right to cancel within 30 days if a minimum enrollment is not met in which case there is a full refund.

Contact Info

Hours:  8am–5pm Mon–Fri or by appointment.
Phone: (303) 449-7284
Email: info@patguytonpilates.com
Address: 3825 Iris Avenue – Suite 300
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